Fault finding and repairs are charged at only £15 per hour. 

If a fault is found and it is estimated to take longer than 1 hour to repair, then you will be contacted about this before any work goes ahead for your approval.

Communication will be ample throughout, so no surprises or unexpected costs will occur! (parts excl.)

Full-Set Up


A precision guitar set-up with JA Guitar Repairs includes;

  • Setting Tremelo

  • Checking/adjusting truss rod Intonation inspection (and adjustment).

  • Setting of the action.

  • Health-check of the electrics.

  • Fret-cleaning

  • Fretboard oiled

  • Guitar body cleaned

  • Re-string (provided by customer or an extra charge)

Fret Restoration


Restoring the frets is cheaper than a complete re-fret and usually yields the same results!


Each individual fret is levelled  (helping with intonation/tuning) - Frets are filed down, crowned, cleaned & polished.